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Unlock 1.0 - New Solutions for Restaurants in post COVID-19 World

As per guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of India, restaurants can open from June 8 as part of phase I of the “UnLockdown”. Unlock 1.0 is the foot in the door for restaurants to come back full-fledged. As restaurants gear up to resume operations, they will need to abide by the new regulations of the Government of India. Certain rules such as the following will become the new normal for restaurants:

  • Thermal screening

  • Provisioning masks to customers and staff

  • Provisioning hand sanitizers to customers and staff

  • Socially distant physical seating

  • Cleanliness and sanitization of physical areas - tables, lavatories etc.

The Dilemma of Reusable vs. Disposable Menus

While maintaining clean physical spaces and provisioning hygiene essentials such as masks, hand sanitizers etc. can help, the idea of using reusable physical menus has become questionable lately. These menus are vectors of germs that get passed from person-to-person, making them unsafe and unhygienic. While an immediate cure may be to switch to disposable menus, doing so in the long run is not only expensive but also unscalable.

So, what can restaurants do differently to provide their customers a fully secure dining experience ? Now, more than ever, is the time that restaurants embrace Contactless Solutions.

Digital Menus and Contactless Solutions for Restaurants

Digital Menus and Contactless Solutions have cumulative benefits for restaurants - safe dining, minimal human contact, contactless ordering and faster service to name a few. These solutions not only promise compliance to the new regulatory norms, but also allow the restaurants to rightsize their staff and give their customers a safer dining experience.

Eatio’s contactless solutions are uniquely designed to fit the operating model of any and all kinds of restaurants - fine dining, quick service (QSR), self service, kiosk based etc. These solutions can also be leveraged to accept drive thru orders and pick-ups, provide curbside deliveries and more.

The availability of digital payment methods, makes the solution all the more desirable and convenient for both restaurants and customers.

Getting Started with Eatio

Eatio can be a restaurant’s one-stop shop for all Contactless Solutions. To help restaurants become successful in the post Covid-19 world and shape contactless communities, Eatio is offering it’s Contactless Solutions for Free for a limited time. Contact Eatio’s onboarding team by filling out the Getting Started form on Eatio’s website.

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