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Eatio: Post COVID-19 Preparedness for Restaurants and Cafes

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Dear Restaurant Owners and Managers, you are surely waiting to welcome your customers to restaurants post this pandemic. But, have you thought of ways to create a safer environment for them ? In this new wave of contactless technology, are you fully equipped to provide your customers with a contactless and safe dining experience ?

If not, Eatio can be your saviour ! This QR code based solution (not app - yes, you read that right. It’s NOT an app) allows your customers to scan menus from their phone camera, place orders, re-orders, make payments and finally leave you a feedback.

How will customers place contactless orders at your Restaurant ?

In just 3 quick and simple steps, your customers can place contactless orders without downloading any app. Yes, it's a web based application, so it works on all devices without any app download.

How to get started with Eatio ?

  • STEP 1: Fill out the Getting Started form on Eatio and submit your restaurant details

  • STEP 2: Eatio Ops team will upload your restaurant menu and will connect with you

  • STEP 3: Place QR Codes in your Restaurant

  • STEP 4: Start getting contactless orders and make your customers feel safe !

So are you ready to make your restaurant contacltess ?

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