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How can restaurants avoid exorbitant commissions for online orders?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Technology has played a vital role in revolutionizing food ordering services. The key differentiator, between traditional phone-based food ordering and online food ordering, is the extent of interaction between the consumer and the restaurant. While traditional methods such as phone-based ordering limit customer interaction and engagement, online ordering is not only more dynamic but also customer-centric. It lets the customers browse through the live menu, get special offers, place orders in a few clicks, and make instant payments.

The ongoing pandemic has given the restaurants an opportunity to explore digitally accessible and contactless options. However, what does going digital mean for restaurants? Listing their menus on food aggregators like Uber Eats, Zomato and Swiggy, where hundreds of other restaurants compete for their customers’ attention? Or paying exorbitant commissions for their own customers? What if restaurants could do something better? What if restaurants could stand out by having their own food ordering solution so that their customers could interact with them, just when they are craving for their favorite dishes.

Getting an online ordering solution that you ‘own’

Paying high commission rates for serving your own customers is painful. What adds to that, is the inability to interact with them directly. Eatio understands this and believes that every restaurant can be empowered to bring their operations online. With the same belief, we are helping restaurants come online by introducing a fully customizable digital ordering solution. This digital ordering web app lets restaurants start getting online orders within 48 hours without paying any excess commission. All you need to do is share your restaurant’s eatio link with your customers.

This can be done via one or more of the following ways :

And then, tada! Not only will you be able to receive orders from your customers without paying excess commissions but will also be able to keep in touch with them, send them promotional offers, receive same-day payments, etc. Plus, the customers get a chance to help their local restaurants.

Studies conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Viggle show that about 69% of customers order food online using a mobile device. In fact, online ordering is more desirable than waiting for someone to answer your call to place an order.

Why should you get an online ordering solution that you ‘own’

In today’s digital era, only ambiance, food, and collaborations with food delivery platforms will not save you from losing your loyal customers. To summarize, let’s look at the main reasons you should have your own online ordering solution:

1. Boosts revenue & keep the profits

According to a study by McKinsey and company, traditional food ordering through a phone call is 48.6% prevalent. Also, orders received online are 27% bigger in size. Hence, online orders bring more revenue than traditional dining in restaurants or orders received through phone calls. Save your restaurant the excess costs attached to back-office attendants receiving phone orders.

2. Collect customer data & Directly reaching your customer

By having your own online ordering solution, you can reach your customers directly without having to pay a high commission to food aggregators. These aggregators on the other hand also charge customers an online ordering fee. By giving a discount through special offers and loyalty rewards through your own platform, you can stay connected and attract more customers.

3. Easy customization and branding

Eatio’s online ordering solution is highly customizable. It can be customized to reflect your restaurant’s branding and theme. Posting pictures in the digital menu will help your customers place accurate orders.

4. Online ordering is fast easy, safe and comfortable

Ordering through websites and social media pages of a restaurant is a fast, easily accessible, and more convenient alternative to your customers. Due to COVID 19, people are refraining from using delivery platforms and have started pickups to ensure their food does not change many hands before reaching them. You can customize your Eatio link to receive pick up orders and drive-thru orders.

And so, as the saying goes “never waste a good crisis.” With COVID 19, you have an opportunity to re-think the way you think of online ordering and bring your own online ordering solution to life!

To know more about Eatio ( https://www.eatio.co )

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