Eatio's New Feature: Guest Checkout for Quicker Service

Customer experience is the most important factor now a days for long term retention. If your customers are not having hassle free experience while placing the order at your restaurant, then they will not be back for long time for sure. Customer experience should seamless wether they are placing a dine-in order using contactless ordering app, or even a online order.

We got feedback from our restaurants that some customers don't really feel comfortable sharing their email id an phone number while placing food orders via apps and therefore restaurants were not able to cater to small set of users.

Hey ! If you are in restaurant/food business, every customer counts. Therefore, we decided to solve this problem for our restaurants and our team came up with a customer flow to enable guest checkout. With guest checkout flow restaurants can easily turn on the optional feature to enable Guest Checkout for their customers. This setting can be configured for a table, or takeout point or even for the whole restaurant altogether.

When restaurant turn on this feature from manager app, their customers will have an option to either Sign In or do Guest Checkout to confirm their order. So, restaurants are in complete control of when and where and for whom they want to enable the feature of Guest Checkout.

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