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Eatio's New Feature: Guest Checkout for Quicker Service

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

At Eatio, customer centricity and experience is our number 1 priority. Therefore, Restaurant Owners, when you said that your customers would like to place contactless orders "without logging in or creating an account", we heard you !

Eatio's "all in one" contactless solution can be used for dine in orders, drive thrus, to-go, pick-ups, social media orders and more. With this new release, restaurants can easily turn on the optional feature to enable Guest Checkout for their customers. This setting can be configured for one or more of of the ordering methods stated above or for all of them in one go ! With this feature, the customers will have the option to Sign in or Check out as a Guest when placing their orders with the restaurant.

While logging in requires more commitment - and (gasp) the sharing of personal information, guest checkout is quick and convenient. A study of 1.8 million smartphone sessions revealed that the conversion rates for mobile shoppers who logged in and those who used guest checkout were nearly identical. So, why not give your customers the choice and make them happy !

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