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Eatio's New Feature: Quick Search

As you all know, we take customer experience seriously at Eatio. Since, more and more restaurants are providing QR Code based digital menus to their dine-in customers, we surveyed a few customers to understand if they really like using digital menus or not.

Based on our survey, we found that most of the restaurants, especially Indian, have really long menus and it’s overwhelming for customers to keep scrolling through the endless menu. We understand that the process of going through the endless menu of Appetizers, Main course, Side dishes, Desserts when all the customer wants is the restaurant’s signature spicy chicken pizza can be frustrating

Therefore, we decided to prioritize the ‘SEARCH’ feature for the Eatio Guest App to deliver seamless dine-in for the customers. This new search feature makes browsing easier, swift and enables customers to order their favorite dishes quickly.

It is this Simple !

Step 1: Search & Browse

Step 2: Choose One

Step 3: Add to Cart and DONE

Who wouldn’t order more if it’s so easy ? If you need help with re-engineering your menu to boost sales and profits, get in touch with us today !

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