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Eatio: Introducing Contactless Dining Experience for Restaurants

The impact that COVID 19 has had on our lives cannot be overstated. The current pandemic has changed the way we live, breath (literally) and interact with the outside world. While this may mean different things to different people, we at Eatio are looking ahead of the curve; we understand that minimum physical contact and extra hygiene will be the new normal. While people will continue to socialize and mobilize as before, the way they do so will change !

One of the biggest industries impacted by COVID 19 is Food and Restaurant. Though the industry will find its footing as the COVID threat neutralizes, restaurants will need to go an extra mile to create a safe dining experience for their customers. This will include re-considering all customer touch points (again, literally). But wait, we at Eatio have done that already.

Introducing Eatio

Eatio’s new age contactless solution for restaurants is designed to reduce physical interaction at the same time improve customer experience. It allows customers to place dine-in orders from their phone by scanning a simple QR code. What next ? Customers can browse through the menu, place an order, re-order, make payment and leave without touching anything that has exchanged multiple hands - paper or hard menus, bill presenter and the like.

How does Eatio work ?

Using Eatio for dine-in guest is a simple 3 step process as shown below:

STEP - 1 Customer scans the QR code from their phone camera. This can be done from any smartphone.

STEP - 2 On scanning the QR code, the customer will be directed to the restaurant's menu (without downloading any app). Yes, you heard that right - NO APP DOWNLOAD required ! Customers can place the order, add any additional instructions and send orders to the kitchen.

STEP - 3 Once the customer has completed their meal, they can self-checkout by making the payment from their phone.

How can restaurants start using Eatio ?

Eatio works perfectly in all types of restaurants irrespective of how they operate - self-service, fine dining or name it ! Getting on-boarded on Eatio is quick and easy.

1. You can contact the Eatio team by filling out the contact us form on Eatio’s website.

2. Share your menu, and Eatio team will upload the menu

3. Download QR Codes and place on the tables and counters in restaurant

4. Finally, start processing contactless orders from eatio manager app

Quote from the Eatio team :

“We are in this together ! And we at Eatio, are on a mission to make dining experiences better, safer and more enjoyable for your customers”

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