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3 Things Restaurants Have Started Doing to Increase Profits

With restaurants facing the challenge of maintaining customer’s trust while trying to sustain the hard hit revenue, adopting contactless dining and ordering solutions is one of the most potential ways to sail through the new normal. Here are 3 things that most successful restaurants are doing to financially survive and succeed in this pandemic :

1. Adopting a Contactless Dine-in Experience

Restaurants are now switching to contactless ways of accepting dine-in orders. This can be done by placing a simple QR Code at the table, which customers can scan to place orders and make payments. With browsing the menu and ordering made digital, waiters can serve customers better and attend an increased number of tables. Not only does this help restaurants maintain optimal staff, but also keeps the customers and staff safe by reducing human touch points. Optimal level of manpower potentially contributes in improving revenue margins.

2. Cutting Middle-Men Costs

Restaurants are increasingly encouraging customers to place orders using social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc, bypassing any third party apps. Using Eatio, restaurants can generate quick links for their menu, which can in turn be shared on social media to accept online orders. Not only does this keep customers directly connected with the restaurant, but also helps restaurants avoid exorbitant middlemen commissions. To start getting orders directly from customers, visit Eatio.co

3. Drive-thru Business Model

While dine-in may be prohibited in most cities if not all, drive thru ordering and pick-ups have been to customer’s rescue when they crave for their favorite food. Restaurants can promote safe and hygienic drive-thrus, enabling ordering at ease. Drive Thrus can be further simplified by placing QR Codes in drive thru or pick-up areas to minimize human contact.

Eatio is offering a Contactless Ordering tool-kit to help restaurants restore and revive their operations. Every industry’s working style is being altered to meet current need-of-the-hour. Embracing change and technology at the right time will help businesses stay on track and most importantly relevant.

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