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3 Golden Rules for Restaurants to Sail through COVID 19 Era

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

If there was ever a time to focus on high ROI and low-cost ways to boost sales, this is it. This is the time for restaurants across the globe to leverage technology to sustain and grow their businesses. Here are the 3 golden rules that we believe can help restaurant owners be successful in the current scenario :

1. Accept orders directly from your website

As simple as this may sound, we have learned that businesses that have their own website and order management experience are more successful than those who don’t. While it is obvious that your customers can order their favorite food via food aggregator apps like Zomato and Swiggy, giving them an opportunity to order on your website without excess order fee and commission is worth a shot! Not only does it give you an opportunity to serve your customers directly, but also allows you to keep in touch with them.

Wondering about how you can upload menus and accept payments on your website? Eatio is now helping restaurants come online and accept orders from their website within 48 hours.

2. Build trust through Contactless dining experience

Contactless dining is the buzzword of this era. But, what does it really mean? While we understand that no dine-in experience can be completely sans contact, we believe that reducing human contact can help. One of the ways you can do so is by adopting a QR code-based solution. These solutions are easy to understand and adopt. Scanning a QR code, placed on the table at your restaurant will take the customers to your menu, quick and hassle-free. From there, they will not only be able to place orders but also make payments thus minimizing human contact. This experience keeps your restaurants and guests safe - so it’s a clear win-win. And oh, did we mention that a restaurant menu is the germiest thing in a restaurant? So, let’s do away with that vector in the process and keep it contactless and clean!

3. Use Social Media to stay connected with your customers

Social media is a place where you can create an everlasting bond with your customers. You can utilize social media in the following ways:

  • Post attractive pictures of your most loved dishes and also highlight safety measures are taken by your restaurant to create a safe dining and delivery experience

  • Give online ordering options on the home page itself which leads them either to your website or directly to the digital menu

  • Share exclusive offers and gift cards

  • Target the right audience by using hashtags

  • Use challenge winning contests and ask people to comment on your posts and tag their friends

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