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Enhancing your customer’s experience  while reducing operational costs

Contact Less Pick Up

Post your QR code on your front window or an outdoor stand. That way, customers can scan the code and order their food without having to enter your restaurant.

Contact Less Drive Thru

Place your QR code on a curbside stand or drive thru. Your customers can open your active menu on their phone and order from inside their car.

Online Ordering

Add a simple ‘order now’ button on your website or send your eatio link to customers. Then, your customers can place orders quickly from anywhere by using the link.


How it works

Step 1 (Customer)

Scan QR Code


Visit Eatio Link

Customers can reach your eatio order-hub by: 

  • Scanning your eatio QR code

  • Visiting your eatio link online

Step 2 (Customer)

Browse Menu


Place Order

Customers can easily browse your menu on their phones and place their orders with just a few taps

Step 3 (Restaurant)

Process the order from the manager app

Once an order is placed, you will be able to review it on your manager application. Here you can also make live updates to your menu.


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